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Update, Reaction, and Analysis Regarding Suitability and SB 978

N. Mitchell Feinstein, Esq.

By N. Mitchell Feinstein, Esq. In a previous post, I had discussed the probable passage of legislation in California to require real estate brokers to determine that trust deed investments offered to the public were appropriate for an investor.  The bill, SB 978, is still wending its way through the labyrinth known as the legislative process. The reaction from members of  the industry with whom I have discussed the prospect of obtaining and reviewing prospective investor information has ranged from unabashed pleasure (“I have been doing this for years, and getting this information has saved me in expensive litigation several times!”) to concern that there is no...

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Action by Governor Brown Threatens Extinction of Mortgage Brokers

In his most recent Budget Proposal, Governor Brown has included plans to consolidate all businesses in the financial industry under one head. He proposes the elimination of the Department of Real Estate and the Office of Real Estate Appraisers and placing jurisdiction of these licensees under the Department of Consumer Affairs. At the same time the Department of Corporations and the Department of Financial Institutions will be merged into one new entity called the Department of Business Oversight. It seems that the Governor wants the consumer groups to limit the operations of the mortgage brokers, and the regulators of the big banks to regulate all the lenders...

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Agency Relationships Are Material Facts


By S. Guy Puccio The agency relationships intended among principals and real estate and mortgage brokers are material facts. Regardless of whether it is a dual agency, a bifurcated agency, or an agency relationship with one party leaving the other unrepresented, it is a material fact to be disclosed at the outset or when the relationship becomes more than casual. See, Business and Professions Code Sections 10176(a) and (d), Civil Code Sections 2079.13 et seq., 2295 et seq., and 2923.1 and Huijers v. DeMarrais (1992) 11 Cal.App.4th 676. The obligation to disclose agency relationships in commercial transactions exists notwithstanding the typical interpretation that Civil Code Section 2079.13...

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Next Make More Money Now Workshop plus Q & A: October 22


Make More Money Now – Extended Workshop Featuring 3 Wise Men Q&A San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area October 22, 2011 In today’s difficult legislative and economic environment, wouldn’t you like to acquire new and creative ways to do business that will increase your bottom line? How about a personalized Q&A session with three of the most experienced and knowledgeable veterans of the mortgage lending industry whose goal is to help you not only understand and comply with new laws but also increase your income as a result of this understanding? Our next Make More Money Now workshop offers two information-packed sessions full of tools and advice to help...

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Investors Move in on Real Estate Opportunities

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This article by N. Mitchell Feinstein, posted in Investor Uprising, discusses the upsides and downfalls to investing in the current real estate market. Click through to read the post–and then click around to view more. We recommend Investor Uprising as a good source of news on a variety of markets. The past has little to do with the future, and those who rely on historical data to predict market movements are often wrong. Take real estate, one of the fundamental drivers of the economy. When the real estate market collapsed, it put the whole economy in freefall. And even though real estate has historically been a catalyst...

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