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Contents of CD that Will Be Distributed At Our Upcoming Workshop


I. Code Citations a. Business and Professions Code Citations – 10166.01 – 10166.17 (Implementation of the SAFE Act under the Real Estate Law) b. Civil Code Citations – 1090.5 (Requirements for Hiring/Using/Terminating Real Estate Appraisers) c. Financial Code Citations – 4970 et seq. and 4995 et seq. (California Requirements for “High Cost” and “Higher Cost” or “Higher Priced” Residential Mortgage Loans) II. “Dodd-Frank” Act a. HR 2509 (Federal Legislation Sponsored by NAMP/CAMP to Amend Dodd-Frank Regarding LO Compensation) b. Summary, prepared by S. Guy Puccio and Herman Thordsen, Esquire (A Summary of Significant Issues of This Act that Affect Residential Mortgage Loans and Mortgage Brokers) III. Federal...

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Short-Sale Law Clarification


The 3 Wise Men recommend this succinct article by Neil J. Rubenstein of Buchalter Nemer about the new short-sale law and its effect on delinquency judgments and guarantors. (Click the link to download the full article PDF.) Please note: Under the act as written the lender approving the short sale must not receive a fee for approving the short sale.

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Dodd-Frank: Your Questions Answered


Q: Is an escrow fee a prohibited payment to loan originators (MLB/MLO) in connection with a consumer credit transaction secured by a dwelling? A: It is our opinion, the phrase “…consumer credit transaction secured by a dwelling …” means a federally related residential mortgage loan transaction, i.e., a loan secured by 1 to 4 residential units, whether the principal residence of the borrower; whether for the purpose of purchasing, refinancing, or further encumbering the security property; and when the proceeds of the loan are used for personal, family, or household purposes, therefore the limitations of Dodd-Frank apply. Q: What if the MLB/MLO requires the use of a...

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