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Volume Discount Available for “Make More Money Now” Workshop on October 22nd


For detailed information about the upcoming Make More Money Now workshop with 3 Wise Men Q & A, click here. Bring your business partner(s) to our next workshop and receive a volume discount! Full Day attendance fee for one participant: $295 Full Day, second participant from the same firm or company: $195 Full Day, third, fourth, fifth (etc.) additional participants from the same firm or company: $140 each To register, select the appropriate fee (and box lunch selection) in the drop down menu on the Paypal button in the sidebar. If you have any questions about registration or payment, or if you need an alternate form of...

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Investors Move in on Real Estate Opportunities

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This article by N. Mitchell Feinstein, posted in Investor Uprising, discusses the upsides and downfalls to investing in the current real estate market. Click through to read the post–and then click around to view more. We recommend Investor Uprising as a good source of news on a variety of markets. The past has little to do with the future, and those who rely on historical data to predict market movements are often wrong. Take real estate, one of the fundamental drivers of the economy. When the real estate market collapsed, it put the whole economy in freefall. And even though real estate has historically been a catalyst...

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