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California Legislature Moves to Impose Due Diligence Standards on Brokers

California Capitol Building

By N. Mitchell Feinstein, Esq. An analysis of new legislation that will require brokers to qualify their investors before taking their money. Read on to learn more about what changes to expect and how you can access new tools to protect yourself and your business now. Please be sure to take advantage of the free offer located at the bottom of this message. For at least ten years I have been preaching to the mortgage brokerage industry that every day the members were acting less like real estate brokers and more like securities dealers.  My diatribe goes back to my being a member of the committee—appointed by...

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Must Mortgage Brokers Complete and Deliver Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statements in Residential Mortgage Loan Transactions?

Guy Puccio

By Guy Puccio Business and Professions Code Section 10240(c) purportedly extends an exemption to mortgage brokers when arranging “federally regulated residential mortgage loans.” However, this exemption is inapplicable to most loan transactions conducted by mortgage brokers registered with the NMLS as an LO (MLB/MLO) and even when arranging transactions where the loan proceeds are used for personal, family, or household purposes. The phrase “federally regulated” is substantially narrower than “federally related.” Under current law, “federally regulated” loan transactions are loans made by nationally chartered or licensed banks, savings and loans, savings banks, thrifts, and credit unions; or if state chartered or licensed, those financial institutions that have...

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Contents of CD that Will Be Distributed At Our Upcoming Workshop


I. Code Citations a. Business and Professions Code Citations – 10166.01 – 10166.17 (Implementation of the SAFE Act under the Real Estate Law) b. Civil Code Citations – 1090.5 (Requirements for Hiring/Using/Terminating Real Estate Appraisers) c. Financial Code Citations – 4970 et seq. and 4995 et seq. (California Requirements for “High Cost” and “Higher Cost” or “Higher Priced” Residential Mortgage Loans) II. “Dodd-Frank” Act a. HR 2509 (Federal Legislation Sponsored by NAMP/CAMP to Amend Dodd-Frank Regarding LO Compensation) b. Summary, prepared by S. Guy Puccio and Herman Thordsen, Esquire (A Summary of Significant Issues of This Act that Affect Residential Mortgage Loans and Mortgage Brokers) III. Federal...

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Volume Discount Available for “Make More Money Now” Workshop on October 22nd


For detailed information about the upcoming Make More Money Now workshop with 3 Wise Men Q & A, click here. Bring your business partner(s) to our next workshop and receive a volume discount! Full Day attendance fee for one participant: $295 Full Day, second participant from the same firm or company: $195 Full Day, third, fourth, fifth (etc.) additional participants from the same firm or company: $140 each To register, select the appropriate fee (and box lunch selection) in the drop down menu on the Paypal button in the sidebar. If you have any questions about registration or payment, or if you need an alternate form of...

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