The 3 Wise Men, Mitch Feinstein, Steve Gourley, and Guy Puccio, have been the leading experts in mortgage brokerage and lending in California and nationally for more than thirty years. Steve Gourley served as Chief Deputy Commissioner of Corporations and along with Mitch Feinstein who was counsel for the California Mortgage Association and its predecessors and sat on committees that wrote most of the rules governing mortgage lending today. Guy Puccio has been a special consultant to the Department of Real Estate for more than thirty years, providing advice and comments regarding proposed legislation and regulations, and authoring the DRE reference book section that addresses the business activities of mortgage brokers.

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About us:

Steven Gourley, Esq. served as Chief Deputy Commissioner of Corporations where he oversaw the regulation of securities related to mortgage lending, has represented many of the largest real estate lenders in the country.

S. Guy Puccio has served as a consultant to the State of California Department of Real Estate for over thirty years, authoring educational information, and serving as receiver in enforcement actions. He has testified as an expert in hundreds of cases in state and Federal Court.

N. Mitchell Feinstein, Esq. has served as counsel, board member and officer for numerous state and federal trade associations representing the interests of mortgage lenders. He served as chairman of the National Home Equity Mortgage Association. In private practice he developed the first securitization of private lender loans and owned and operated his own mortgage lending company.